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Wind Energy

Suntree helps wind energy customers minimize downtime and lengthen maintenance cycles. We collaborate with wind turbine and gear drive designers and manufacturers to develop solutions that can manage the wide range of operating parameters experienced in advanced wind applications. For operators, we offer a full range of support to help keep equipment running longer and with reduced total cost of ownership.

Suntree Bearing in Wind Energy and Water Energy

Wind Energy
A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used to produce electricity, the device may be called a wind turbine. If the mechanical energy is used to drive machinery, the device is called a windmill. Minimize downtime and lengthen maintenance cycles are most important thing for wind turbines and windmill users and manufacture. Thus high precise bearings play critical role in wind turbines and windmill.
Wind turbines and windmills require high-performance bearings that designed for the unique stresses of these ultra-large machines. Making large size of bearings is what we do for a living. Suntree collaborates with wind turbine and windmill designers and manufacturers to develop unique solutions for wide range of operating parameters experienced in advanced wind applications.

Water Energy

Other than wind energy, water energy is also widely used nowadays. Water power is derived from the force of moving water and then convert to electricity. Except generating electricity, waterpower was used for irrigation, and operation of various machines as well. Suntree has over decade experience on design and production of bearings in many water projects.
Suntree offers standard or special designed Spherical roller bearings, Tapered roller bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, Four-point contact bearings, Deep groove ball bearings, Slewing rings, etc. for wind energy and water energy. Please contact us for your specific requirements.
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