The development of industrial pumps is towards a reduction in the total cost of ownership and the need to comply with increasingly tougher environmental legislation. The challenge for pump manufacturers is to increase meantime between failures and at the same time reduce energy consumption to meet industry standards.

Suntree Bearings in Pumps

In this field, most pumps are water pumps. The bearings on water pumps have special requirements. Water pump bearings incorporate a spherical outer ring raceway, with the center of the radius located on the bearing axis, providing a self-alignment capability. This bearing incorporates a 45° contact angle that enables the bearing to support large axial loads and moderate radial loads. These bearings incorporate an improved internal design that allows relatively high-speed operation. Typical applications: injection molding machines, crane hooks, vertical pumps.


In general, bearings on pumps are exposed to high combined axial and radial loads, moderate to high speeds, and in some cases, high temperatures as well. In addition, depending on the operating conditions, the pump may experience cavitations which causes increased bearing loads, impeller damage, increased vibrations and shaft deflections. For these cases above, with experienced experts Suntree will offer scientific solutions for your specific needs. Please contact Suntree for furthur information.
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