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Engineering Consulting and Design at Suntree Bearing Inc

The core value of Suntree Bearings is our ability to work with our customers on specific requirements of designs and applications and provide innovative and cost efficient solutions for our customers. The “custom-made bearings” are our main business model, no matter making of non-standard or standard bearings, our sales teams, technical teams and production teams always work with our customers closely to produce high quality of bearings within a short period.  

Our manufactures and research centers in Luoyang and Wafangdian cities of P.R China are equipped with the most advanced precise and computerized equipments to evaluate bearing applications and produce bearings. Wafangdian, the cradle of Chinese bearing industry, which is lying in the north suburb of the beautiful seaside city-Dalian and Luoyang city, is located in the middle of China. Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin temple and peonies are well known by all over the world.

We have more than twenty years of experience in application knowledge and precise bearing production, our design engineers and specialists offer their expertise to our customers for their specific applications. The suggestions or calculations we could offer including, but not limited to load capacities and speed requirements and environmental factors that may affect performance.

Please send us the specifications or samples of the bearings, we will design the bearings and print out the blueprints for your evaluations. We are glad to have the chance to evaluate the pros and cons and make recommendations for you accordingly.   Please do not hesitate to contact us